Play Like a Champion Today!

Athletic Director Tim Boyle with student Amber Teaney

Oldenburg Academy’s Athletic Department has partnered with University of Notre Dame to participate in Play Like a Champion Today Program. This educational program was developed by numerous leaders in the fields of educational development, sports psychology and youth ministry. The purpose of Play Like a Champion is to help coaches understand and achieve their role as teachers of sport skills and of life values learned through the sport, promote student athletes to develop moral and character, to advocate spiritual aspects both on and off the field or court, and lastly, help and show parents how to support their children along their sports journey. Coming up on Monday, November 14, former NFL and Notre Dame football player, Oscar McBride, will present “Profile of a Champion” at both Oldenburg Academy and St. Louis School.

As an athlete myself, I always try to play like a champion in whatever I do, on and off the field. It is not about the most talented or someone who wins games for the team, but the effort to perform at one’s full potential and playing with respect for teammates, other players, coaches, and referees. Coming back from an ACL injury in soccer, I knew I wasn’t going to be the fastest one on the field. But my goal for this soccer season was to lead my team and to work extra hard in improving my speed.

-Amber Teaney ’12

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