Farmer’s Fair Experience

Jordan & Katie representing OA at the Farmer's Fair

The Aurora’s Farmer Fair began on Wednesday, September 28th, 2011. I attended it with a friend and family. Not having attended for several years, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To start the evening my friend, Courtney, and I walked around, smelled the delicious food and scoped out the rides to decide which ones to venture on. Coming to the decision that we were brave enough to risk going on the rides, we bought our tickets and made our way to our first adventure. Spinning around on the rides was a blast, but not the only excitement of the night.

After running out of tickets, we decided to find my mom and join her in watching the 2011 Southeastern Indiana Musicians Hall of Fame inductions. The requirements for being inducted were to be nominated, and to have lived in one of the southeastern Indiana counties for at least 15 years, and to have played music for at least 15 years. Although this may seem a bit boring to teenagers, it was neat because the organist from my home parish was one of the special inductees. Mr. Don Gutzwiller has lived in the New Alsace area all of his life and has been a musician almost as long. In the presentation speech it was noted that in addition to weekly Mass music, Mr. Gutzwiller has played for many first communions, weddings and funerals, and sometimes all three for the same person. It’s really cool that he’s been around in the same community long enough able to that. In addition to the organ he also plays the piano, violin, and guitar. Many of our parishioners were there to support Mr. Gutzwiller as he was honored with this impressive award.

After the conclusion of the ceremony, my friend and I headed off to check out the King and Queen contest, however, the pageant did not start for another half hour and sadly it was time to leave. However, there were seniors from Oldenburg Academy, Jordan Hyland and Katie Strasemeier, attending the ceremony that was nominated for king and queen. Oldenburg Academy is very proud of how well they did even though they did not win. On my way back to the car, I was diverted by a booth with “Monster” sweatshirts and had to purchase one as a souvenir! I wasn’t sure what a local fair on a cool September night had to offer, but overall, my night at the Aurora Farmers Fair was a little bit chilly, full of laughter and simply fantastic!

-Ryley Stonebraker ’15

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