Let’s Get Fired Up!

Many fans and parents were ecstatic due to the big kick off of the Friday night lights. Last Friday, August 21st, at six o’clock, I stepped off the twister mini bus and walked into the gates of Union County’s football track and field. Many of the cheerleaders had mixed feelings that consisted of excitement and nerves. We were helping each other by putting our bows in our hair and going over some last minute questions about different cheers. Around seven, the visitor side started to fill up with Oldenburg parents, siblings, and students.

As the game started, we cheered on our team as they ran the ball, tackled and were tackled, and scored points. As the night progressed, it got chilly, and the boys kept fighting to try to win the game. Although we didn’t win our first game, the boys still did a great job. We made it a twister tradition to pass out baked goods to our players after every away game and so we did as they loaded onto the bus to head home.

Three years ago, I didn’t think we would have ever thought we would come this far. As a brand new team, we have definitely improved and proved everyone wrong that thought it wasn’t possible and it’s all thanks to Coach Wes Gillman, who has helped the boys since day one. I am beyond grateful to be part of the first Oldenburg Academy Football Team and making history one game at a time.

Cheerleading Senior Picture
~Claudia Schuckmann ‘16

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