Twister Sisters

‘Tis the fall season and sports are in the air at Oldenburg Academy! It’s hard to believe that my senior year of volleyball is now beginning. The past three, long years of volleyball have produced an abundance of bruises, floor burns, and sweat not only for myself, but also for my fellow teammatesof course every ache and pain has been so worth it. I find a great amount of happiness being a part of such a close knit team where I always look forward to lacing up my volleyball shoes and pulling up my knee pads to spend the next two to three hours with my best friends.
On and off the court, I have developed so many great relationships with so many amazing girls. Being part of such an amazing volleyball program makes it hard to anticipate the last time I will be able to step on the OA gym floor, stand for the national anthem, look to the spirited student section, listen for Mrs. Bergman to announce “let’s do the dance and change sides,” and finally, to play to the last whistle. When I look back on my high school years, I know for sure that memories of team bonding, team dinners, long bus rides, player face-plants, and team camp festivities will always be highlights of my life. This experience, I am ever so grateful for.
Win or lose, good or bad, I know my teammates will always be there for me, because at the end of the day, when the gym lights turn off and Coach Rogers finishes his speech, my teammates and I are more than just teammates, we are Twister Sisters.
~Audrey Oesterling ’16

A group of the OA Volleyball team, twister sisters, pose for a selfie at Ball State Team Camp

A group of the OA Volleyball team, twister sisters, pose for a selfie at Ball State Team Camp

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