Go Big or Go Home

Passes flying. Pads popping. Fans cheering. This is a few things a person may have seen or heard if they had attended the Oldenburg Academy against Covenant Christian football game on the night of August 28th. Oldenburg exploded like a ball of fire and took it right to Covenant Christian right out the gate. It was an impressive show of passing, running, and tackling. Both teams, lacking size and number, battled to the best of their abilities and proved to be worth adversaries to each worthy of each other’s respect. After a long bout, the Twisters of Oldenburg bested the Warriors of Covenant Christian.

Although Oldenburg is small in numbers, they fight together as a team to get the job done. Every single member of the team gives it their all during every second of every down of every game. Nobody takes a play off, and nobody ever gives up on each other in order to win the game and work hard for the person that is next to them. Oldenburg is prime example of the quality not quantity scenario. With the men they possess, they do not intimidate many teams, but through the brotherhood possessed by this team, they can accomplish great things for years to come. They never back down from a fight and will always get back up even after a tough blow.These men are my teammates. These men are my friends. These men are my family. #OAFB

~Tyler Hesselbrock ’16

OA Football takes the field.

OA Football takes the field.

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