OA’s Busy Halls

It’s already been over a month since the start of school, and school is already in full swing! Students have immersed themselves in fall sports, different clubs, and of course, homework!

Recently, OA has been buzzing with news of Freshman Welcome Week. This tradition here at OA is when a senior partners with a freshman for two weeks. The first week, they write letters to each other, the senior not revealing who he/she is. The second week (this week) is when the seniors reveal who they are to their respective freshman over breakfast at school. All the rest of the week, the seniors and freshman will get to have look-like-day and spirit day! It has been an awesome experience getting to know my freshman and writing her letters! I feel like these two weeks really emphasize and showcase exactly what OA is all about: supporting each other through our close-knit family bond.

Also, last Thursday, the freshman had their first retreat as part of the OA family! They shared a day of prayer and listened to excellent talks given by a couple of upperclassmen. One freshman commented, “It was a good bonding experience for all of us. We didn’t really know each other before now.” This week also marks the beginning of Adopt-A-Sis, a wonderful program that gives the students the opportunity to eat lunch with one of the Sisters. I absolutely love being part of this program! I get to learn so much from my Sister, and I always look forward to being able to share part of my day with my Sister!

With all of these activities going on after only a month of school, OA is a very busy place! And I love that about OA; there’s always some way for me to get involved in my school community. I never feel alone when I’m with my OA family!

My freshman and I enjoyed chatting with each other today over breakfast!

My freshman and I enjoyed chatting with each other today over breakfast!

-Grace Burkhart, ’16

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