My Family of Friends

As shadow students swarm the halls of Oldenburg Academy for tour days, I am

reminded of the days when I was a shadow student. OA was a new experience. It was

exciting. It was fun. It was also a little scary. As middle school ended it seemed that my

classmates were splitting and going separate ways. Some to public schools and some to

private schools. When I decided to go to OA I was not sure if all my friends would be

around like they were before. As soon as I entered Oldenburg Academy I realized it was a

place where friendships were made. People from so many places gathered all in one place

everyday and I had the opportunity to make an abundance of new friends. As my

freshman and sophomore years went by I began to have a group of close friends and they

are still my best friends today. We laugh together. We study together. Sometimes we even

cry together. We do all the things a family does because at OA friends are family.

When I first came to OA I had no idea that I would gain such great relationships.

The freshman and perspective students remind me of how terrifying it can be to come to a

place with people you have never seen, but they also remind me of how being in a new

place can lead to gaining lifelong friends. I wouldn’t trade my Twister Sisters for anything

in the world. I am so grateful for having the opportunity to come to OA and share in the

Oldenburg Academy family.

Family of Friends

~Emma Geis ’16

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