Pictures? or Memories

Kevin Wang

Pictures? or Memories?

As a international exchange student from China, this is my third year at Oldenburg Academy. When I came to OA, it let me have many new experiences and many good memories. When the first time came to OA , I was little scared. But after a while I felt more self-confidence. At OA, there are more opportunities to could let use my hobby — photography. I like taking pictures. I went to many events, that help me know better about the culture.

In each school year, there are many events, each event is not identical. When the event is done, many things will gone with it, people will forgot what happened. So, I use my camera to record it, use pictures to keep memories. When our classmates look back to the photos, they can recall what was happened. When they are sad, they look back to the pictures in the yearbook, it might trigger some of their good memories back to high school make them feel better. When they get older, look back to the photos in yearbook, they can told many stories happened in high school to their grandchildren. Pictures always could trigger memories, back for many days.

I will keep doing this—taking photos, record, keep memories.

Kevin Wang ’16

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